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Supervisor Grandparenting

Generic Guidelines and Requirements for Grandparenting Supervisors for Supervising Psychotherapy Practitioners and Trainee Practitioners working with Adults within the UKCP College of Hypno-Psychotherapists 1. Introduction

1.1 In this document the aim is to make clear the route by which already established supervisors can reach College accreditation and formal registration with UKCP as a Supervisor through the route know as Grandparenting. 1.2 This document is not at all involved in the formatting of individual registrants’ supervision choices. 1.3 For the purpose of this document the term psychotherapeutic practitioner throughout will refer to both psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors working with adults. 1.4 This document takes the view that the supervision of clinical practice with clients whether by a psychotherapeutic counsellor or a psychotherapist requires similar levels of attention to the nature and standards of supervision. Such an approach is seen as being in line with the principle of protection of the public interest and of safeguarding the client. 1.5 For the purposes of this document the term adult is understood to refer to any person who is 18 years and over in age. The term child refers to any person under the age of 18 years. 1.6 In this context Grandparenting can be defined as the process of recognising the skills and knowledge of an individual who has not completed a UKCP accredited training programme in Supervision, but who nevertheless meets the minimum standards set by the Training Member Organisation, by virtue of their considerable proven, relevant, professional experience ranging over a reasonably long period of time. 1.7 Grand-parented individuals will have trained and /or developed their expertise in the field of supervision before the development of the new custom and practice of course recognition in Supervision. 1.8 While the individual may have had minimal sustained formal training in this field, their long professional experience and professional development will be such that they will have achieved equivalence to learning outcomes as stipulated in the document UKCP College of Hypno-psychotherapists Standards for Supervision 1.9 and can evidence such equivalence. 1.10 UKCP accreditation as a supervisor of psychotherapeutic practitioners working with adults through the Grandparenting Clause will only be available for a limited period of time. Applications will need to be submitted and the process completed within 3 years from the date of publication of this document. 1.11 Application for the UKCP Supervision Grandparenting Route must be made to an Organisational Member (OM) in the first instance. The standards described here are based on the existing requirements for competence of the UKCP standards framework for supervision work with psychotherapeutic practitioners working with adults. 1.12 The development of these standards is essential for Colleges where their MOs wish to put people forward to be placed on the UKCP Register of Supervisors for Adult Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counselling or where the MO is an accrediting organisation solely for the purpose of putting people to the register of supervisors. 1.13 It is acknowledged that no document can be exhaustive in its scope; however, the guidelines set out herein are intended to set a tone, character and attitudinal approach to the development of supervision grandparenting guidelines by Colleges and centrally by UKCP. 1.14 As with all the Training, Education and Practice Guidelines and Requirements of UKCP, these guidelines should be understood as forming part of the quality assurance and regulatory map of UKCP, its Colleges and its MOs. 1.15 Please see the list at the end of this document for the correct titles of all other UKCP documents relating to minimum generic guidelines and requirements for education and training standards of supervision and routes to supervisor accreditation, including specific documents relating to working with children.

2. Definition

2.1 Supervision is understood as a process conducted within a formal working relationship in which a qualified or trainee psychotherapeutic practitioner presents client work to a designated supervisor, as a way of learning how to work more effectively with clients. 2.2 The purpose is to ensure safe and competent practice through regular meetings. Colleges should set out the media through which supervision can take place and any requirements for frequency and ratios of clinical work to supervision hours that the modality requires. 3. GRANDPARENTING REQUIREMENTS

3.1 There are two routes to registration as a College Supervisor: a. First Route: Through successful completion of a College and UKCP recognised Supervisor Training Course. (See documents: UKCP College of Hypno-psychotherapists Standards for Supervision and UKCP College of Hypno-psychotherapists SETs for Supervision) b. Second Route: Through the successful application to be considered under the Grandparenting Scheme for existing supervisors. (This document). 3.2 All supervisors offered to the Register via Grandparenting must normally fulfil the following criteria:

a. Must be UKCP Registrant with a minimum of 5 years experience as a psychotherapeutic practitioner post-qualification or UKCP recognised professional equivalent;

b. At least 3 years’ experience of post-registration work as a supervisor / or 50 hours of formal supervision given (50 % or more of this should normally be one-to-one supervision);

c. Where an applicant has qualified, registered and practises in more than one modality approach as a psychotherapeutic practitioner or UKCP recognised professional equivalent they must:

i. Demonstrate at least 2 years of formally supervised experience of work with clients as a qualified registered Psychotherapy Practitioner in each supervised as per modality requirements at the timeand

ii. Demonstrate at least 5 years of formally supervised experience of work with clients overall supervised as per modality requirements at the time

Where an applicant has qualified, registered and practises in one modality approach they must demonstrate at least 5 years of formally supervised experience of work with clients supervised as per modality requirements at the time

d. Must have been in formal individual supervision of supervision for at least 25 hours.

An applicant for the Grandparenting Route to Registration as a UKCP Supervisor must meet the standards laid out in UKCP College of Hypno-psychotherapists Standards for Supervision

3.3 These must incorporate the UKCP minimum generic standards as set out elsewhere in this document and any others applicable from the other generic standards on supervision published by the UKCP and its relevant committees and a. Standards for supervisors b. Responsibility to the supervisee c. Clinical responsibilities d. Diversity and Equality Considerations e. The Supervisors Responsibility to Self f. Produces / presents a short written model of their Supervision Framework including style, approach and understanding of supervision (we recommend that this should be no more than 1.5 to 2 sides of A4 typed);

Acknowledgement: Please note these guidelines are the culmination of work done by several organisations and individuals within and without the UKCP over a number of years across several modalities. All the contributors known and unknown, are thanked for their thoughts, ideas, efforts and contributions.

Documents Training Standard of UKCP – 1993 UKCP Training Standards: Policy and Principles – 2001 Psychotherapy with Children; UKCP Guidelines for Training -2003 Psychotherapy with Children; Principles, Aims and Guidelines for Training -2007 UKCP Standards of Education and Training: policy and Principles—(being created)