The Hypno-Psychotherapy College of UKCP

Operating Procedures


Membership of The College is open to all organisations providing training in Hypno-Psychotherapy, or being a professional registering association for hypno-psychotherapists. Member Organisations (MO’s) shall be entitled to membership provided • They meet the current UKCP Criteria • They meet the current College Criteria • They have applied for membership and been approved by the College and the UKCP at AGM • The College comprises any number of MO’s professional training who have fulfilled both UKCP and College criteria and undergone such inspection procedures as are necessary. Each MO has two delegates who are entitled to attend all College Meetings. MO’s will be expected to send at least a single delegate to College to work on their and the College’s behalf.

College Officers:

Chair (Automatic representative to the College and Faculties Committee and the Psychotherapy Council) Secretary Treasurer Representatives to the Ethics Committee, Membership Committee, Education, Training and Practice Committee, Psychotherapy in the Workplace Committee, and Diversities, Equalities and Social Responsibility Committee.

These posts are elected positions and are held for three years. If the holder is willing to stand he/she may be re-elected. Elections and Meeting Schedules for the year will be decided at the final College Meeting of any given calendar year.On 15 January every three years, current College Officers are offered the opportunity to stand for re-election. OM’s are notified as to their intentions and are offered the opportunity to field a candidate for both vacant and non vacant posts. The deadline for such nomination will be 15 February of that year with an election to be held (if needed) at the H-P College Meeting which immediately proceeds this date. Success in the elections will be a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the current Chair will have the casting vote, and that vote will normally be to maintain the status quo, where applicable.

Member Organisations may be asked to field additional persons to serve on College subcommittees as and when appropriate.Additionally, every three years an election will take place for ordinary members of the College Executive who are individual members of Section and are not officers, directors or employees of any College OM. The number of individual seats will depend on the current number of College OM’s. At the time of writing there are four OM’s of College and therefore four individual members who sit on the College Executive.A call for candidates is done on the 15th of January every three years and their election (if needed) is conducted in the same manner as officers of College.

Minutes Procedures

In order to reduce the time spent approving minutes at meetings, the following stages are completed where necessary: The Secretary types up the minutes and circulates them to all delegates in good time for the next meeting (ie normally not less than one week prior to the meeting)Minutes relating to College Governance will be sent to UKCP via Company Secretary to keep on file in central office.

College Communication

College acknowledges the difficulties in the past with OM and delegate communication. In order to rectify this, the following procedures are adopted. Minutes of College Meetings will be distributed via email from the Secretary normally within one week of the meeting. The opportunity will be given to make additions and amendments for up to 2 weeks after distribution with a final draft to be circulated and tentatively agreed within 4 weeks of the College Meeting. College Reports will be sent to the Chair within one week of the relevant meeting, at which point the Chair will either distribute them to College via email or get clarification from the delegate or Chair of Committee where there is any question of confidentiality or anything that preclude immediate distribution. Substantive issues which College needs to either vote on, agree to, or discuss, will be sent via the Chair with a two week period of discussion/revision. If it is to be a voting issue, the will of College will be served by a simple majority, with dissenting views noted for the record.

Communication of a personal , sensitive or commercial nature will not normally be permitted through College Communication. In this event, MO’s or delegates will be advised as to the proper procedure or channels to address these issues.


The Secretary agrees the agenda with the Chair, and sends out agenda to all delegates. Specific item(s) for discussion may be requested to the Chair at least two weeks prior to meeting, or may be requested at commencement of meeting to be an item under AOB. Apologies for absence are made in advance to the Secretary or Chair. The Secretary takes minutes at the meeting. A list of correspondence between MO’s or MO and Chair is circulated to all delegates at time of writing. Correspondence going out from College is circulated to all delegates at time of writing. Correspondence to College Chair from outside College is normally copied and circulated to delegates when received. As stated above the yearly schedule of College Meetings will be determined at the UKCP AGM College meeting.

Debate and Voting Procedures

Each agenda item is discussed freely. When an item is agreed by consensus, a formal motion proposal is unnecessary. When a vote is taken, the following is observed.Each member organisation is allowed one vote (ie one voted for up to two delegates)If delegates split their vote (one for and one opposed) the vote is discountedIf one delegate abstains, that MO vote goes according to that of the other delegateIn the event of an equal count, the Chair has the casting vote

College Sub Committees

College representatives to the Training Standards, Ethics, Membership, Registration and Equalities and Diversity Committees of UKCP will Chair the College Sub Committee which covers each responsibility. Membership of these subcommittees will be made up of a representative from each MO, except for the Chair of the Subcommittee’s MO, which he/she will represent.MO’s will be responsible for nominating members of subcommittees and covering reasonable expenses for these individuals for travel and sustenance. The College accounts are kept by the College Treasurer. Each organisation is responsible for the travel expenses of its delegates and annual conference; also conference fees. MO’s share equally in any other expenses incurred by delegate(s) in pursuance of College business provided such expenses are agreed in advance by College to be legitimate College business.Each MO needs to prepare an annual statement of absorbed expenses to be submitted to the College Treasurer before the end of September and otherwise as UKCP procedures.College sees this as not a static document but an organic one which can be amended to meet changes to UKCP policy in the future.

Honorium Policy

Representatives to selected UKCP meetings, as chosen by the College executive, may, on production of a meeting report, claim an honorarium for their attendance at meetings. The relevant meetings, representatives and rate will be decided annually to be commensurate with budgeting requirements.